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European Motor Distributors in New Zealand proudly stands as the official importer and distributor of Audi, CUPRA, Skoda, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. We are proud to be bringing these esteemed global brands to New Zealand, enriching the local automotive landscape with a diverse range of high-quality, innovative vehicles celebrated for their performance and excellence.

Audi Audi
Location Ingolstadt
Since 1909
Employees 85,000


Progress has always been a part of Audi's DNA. And for us, that means we always challenge the status quo. We envision a better future, and we constantly evolve. With the decision to launch only new fully electric models worldwide from 2026 onwards, Audi is leading the way and adopting a clear strategy for an electric, digital and connected future.

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Cupra Cupra
Location Martorell
Since 2018
Employees 15,000


As a brand, CUPRA was born to be unique. Everything we create is made for people who embrace and take unconventional paths in life. The ones who never settle for anything less than extraordinary. In other words, we aim to be much more than a car brand. So, we require much more from our CUPRA Masters, as they represent us every day in their work through our CUPRA partners.

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Škoda Škoda
Location Mlada Boleslav
Czech Republic
Since 1895
Employees 45,000


The Škoda story began over 126 years ago on two wheels, with an inventive spirit. In 1991, Skoda proudly joined the Volkswagen family and first arrived in the New Zealand market in 2003. We are proud to be part of the 100% New Zealand owned and operated Giltrap Group. For a company that's been around for over twelve decades, we are consciously aware of the world we live in. A world where too much choice often results in too much confusion. The only way out of this is to offer solutions that make life easier. That is the smart way. We appreciate the work our employees do and, as thanks, we are proud to offer the best working conditions possible.

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Porsche Porsche
Location Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart
Since 1948
Employees 36,000


Porsche is the brand for those who follow their dreams. "In the beginning, I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself." With this aspiration, trailblazer Ferry Porsche set the tone for the future. It is now more than 75 years since he built the 356 and created the Porsche sports car brand. Since then, his words have lost none of their appeal. Ferry Porsche's statement perfectly describes the current mission with which the company is shaping the future.

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Volkswagen Volkswagen
Location Wolfsburg
Since 1937
Employees 183,000


Owning a Volkswagen means so much more than simply owning a car. Since the first Volkswagen rolled off the production line, we've been driven to make German engineering accessible and affordable to everyone - to create 'The People's Car'. Whether this was the satisfying thunk of a closing door, or the detail of a meticulously finished interior, our engineers built Volkswagen on the philosophy that every detail mattered, no matter how small. Today, we are driven by even more. Volkswagen is not only committed to producing vehicles of the utmost quality, but to better the lives of our customers.

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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
Location Hanover
Since 1995
Employees 24,000

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

As a leading manufacturer of mobility solutions, the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand (VWCV) is reshaping the transportation of goods, services and people in a fundamental and lasting way. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have been providing premium commercial vehicle solutions to kiwi businesses and families for over 65 years. We work to deliver a partnership, offering a diverse range of range of products, customisation, reassuring value, and expertise to our valued customers.

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